Mirza, Kamrup, Assam


Functions of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Kamrup

  • DIET, Kamrup, Mirza works as a platform for research and experimental works in the educational domain.
  • It organizes training for both the in-service and pre-service teachers in new innovation. Short term need based training on different school subjects and different areas like planning and management, educational technology, science etc.
  • Providing academic school support and extension service to elementary schools and community like guidance, development of teaching learning materials, evaluation tools etc.
  • Faculty members are engaged in eleven educational blocks including metro district as block in charge.
  • According to the problem raised in the schools, action research and study researches are doing in the field of quality education.
  • One of the main thrusts is to improve and enrich the academic equipment of elementary school teachers.
  • The main function is for the overall development of school education in elementary level and the secondary education of the district.

Functions of PSTE branch:

  • Organisation of Pre-service teacher Education for elementary teachers.
  • Providing guidance service in schools.
  • Provide inputs to other branches of DIET.
  • Promotion of child centred education, preparation of aids and action research.

Functions of work experience branch:

  • Provide work experience inputs in all programmes of DIET.
  • Maintain workshop work related hobbies.
  • Maintenance of DIET.

Functions of ET Branch:

  • Development of simple low cost teaching aids for various subjects relation to elementary education.
  • Maintenance of audio-visual aids and equipments.
  • Provide inputs to other pre-service and in-service programmes.
  • Linkage to all the branches of DIET technically.

Functions of DRU Branch:

  • To support educational authorities in planning and co-ordination of training programmes.
  • To serve as the nodal branch for organising programmes of induction training and continuing education for instructors and supervisors organised in DIET.
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of training programmes in and outside DIET.
  • DIET Kamrup is Extending research work in the field of Educational Communication and its impact.
  • To undertake field interaction.

Functions of P&M branch:

  • To prepare educational planning for DIET.
  • To provide assistance to educational authorities in school mapping, micro plans for UEE in area specific group, institutional planning and evaluation.

Functions of IFIC Branch:

  • Planning and co-ordination of in-service education.
  • Serve as a reference/resource centre.
  • To facilitate dissemination of information and co-ordination of activities.

Functions of CMDE Branch:

  • Development of curriculum for elementary education and elementary teacher education.
  • To give attention in Assessment to be undertaken in DIET.
  • To give support in all evaluation related works in DIET.